recipe 4

Vampire Tacos

When tacos vampiros are cooking on the grill, the corn tortilla edges fold up. This is supposedly the origin of the name, because the edges look like bat wings. It’s sort of a cross between a tostada and a taco.

recipe 1

Tortilla Toasts with Salsa-Marinated Mexican Caviar

These simple, quick-to-prepare toasts have rich flavor and are enhanced with a sprinkle of your favorite “hot stuff.” Save 25 calories of retained fat on average per tortilla or 6 calories per chip by baking instead of frying tortillas for dippers. Increase the flavor by spritzing with water containing a hint of oil (you can do this with a spritzer you fill yourself). Add seasoning mixes if desired to enhance the flavor. Chile is always good with a sprinkle of fresh lime juice.